We meet again

I’m back!

After a bit of a break from blogging, I have returned to the interweb, armed with a new hard drive and lots of catching up to do. Yes, a few months ago our hard drive crashed and we lost basically everything. A hard lesson learned, and a tough pill to swallow, but we now have a new hard drive as well as an external hard drive, which will be dilligently backed up monthly. I hope. I was able to retrieve many of the important photos we have taken over the years from my blog, and my family and friends. (THANK YOU!)

WordPress has changed a bit since I’ve been gone (uh- hellow code?) so bare with me as I find my way around this. I’ll leave you with a photo update of the last couple months around these parts…. our trip to Mexico over Christmas, a day trip to Granville Island, and our trip to Smithers. Enjoy!


December 2012 256







Smithers 2013 008

Feb 23 031

Feb 23 029

Feb 23 101

Feb 23 047

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One Response to We meet again

  1. Welcome back! I missed seeing regular updates from you 🙂
    So sad about your hard drive – ack!! You should start using drop box (http://db.tt/jZQbA8sb) , it’s an online storage site, but you can set it up that you automatically back up your photos there each time you upload them into your computer, then when you do your monthly back up, you can delete them from there. But then if you miss a month, or something happens between back ups, you still have your photos!

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