Camping adventures in Oroville

The adventure that was camping. Where to begin? It was our first time camping for a whole week, not just a long weekend, and it was the first time with two kids 2 and under. It was also our first time in a tent trailer; what an experience. We rented a tent trailer from a work friend of Greg’s. It would’ve been fine, except that we were in Oroville, WA, and it was 30+ degrees during the day (trying to keep the kids cool while napping) and under 10 degrees at night (try keeping the kids warm while sleeping!).

Needless to say we had a fantastic time. The beach and campground were PERFECT for all the little kiddies running around. We were close to everything, bathroom, beach, and a big field behind our campsite for playing in.


The ladies also got to escape for an afternoon to do a winery tour at Nk’mip Winery in Osoyoos. What an awesome experience!!! We got a short tour of the vineyards and winery, sampled 5 types of their wines, and enjoyed a seriously scruptious lunch on the patio overlooking Osoyoos. I would HIGHLY recommend visiting this winery the next time you are in Osoyoos! I don’t have a group photo on my camera, but I’ll be getting one soon and will be posting it as soon as I have it. 🙂

All in all a wonderful camping trip that could not have gone better. The kids behaved awesomely, for the most part, and managed to maintain their sleeping and napping schedules. With the exception of the first night, we didn’t have to get up for them once, which we were thankful for as the whole campground would’ve heard us!!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Miss your blogs missy!

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