Desk transformation

I promised a post about our computer desk transformation, so here it is!



I found this Pier 1 desk on Craigslist for $20. The lady who owned it lived in PoCo, and luckily for us we have friends who live there, so we picked it up one night before heading there for a barbeque. I loved the style of the desk, and had a plan in mind already as to how I was going to refinish it.

The lady owned a cat that used the desk legs as scratching posts, so I was a little worried that it wouldn’t turn out as I hoped….

Mid-transformation… it only took me about 3 hours total, not including all the drying time in between. I started with a good sanding with an orbital sander. I wiped it down after that, and gave the legs two coats of white paint. After that I gave the table top two coats of stain (English Walnut I think was the name of it, it was a Minwax color) and then after the two coats were dry I sealed it with a polyurethane finisher.

I love the end result, and so far the desk has held up awesome and looks great in our office.

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