10 months old

Our little man is 10 months today. That means we are another month closer to the 1st birthday. Yeeeeeiiikes!

Where is time going?! Our “summer” is flying by.

Liam has added pulling himself up onto things to his bag of tricks, and he can be found cruising along the couch, coffee table, baby gate… anything that is within his reach. He’s getting more and more brave and will try go from the coffee table to the couch, but usually ends up on his rear end.

He is continuing to sleep LIKE A CHAMP and never wakes up anymore. Not even to cry himself back to sleep! Oh are we sleeping around here….. and enjoying it! Thank you little buddy for your wonderful sleep habits. L’s other bottom tooth has joined the first one, and no top teeth are in sight. Favourite foods include any kind of fruit (current faves are cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, blueberries and nectarines), waffles/pancakes, chicken, corn, potatoes, pizza, muffins, cookies…. the list goes on. I can put anything in front of this kid and he’ll eat it. (You can’t tell by looking at him, mind you! 😉

He’s also ten times more curious than Kenzie ever was. And more daring. A bad combo, if you ask me. He can scout out a power outlet from across the room and will not hesitate to stick his finger in it. He’s figured out how to take the safety caps off them. He removes the heating vents from the ground and likes to throw things down them (joy!), he’ll open any cupboard within reach and empty its contents, he discovered the toilet and likes to splash around in it…. none of these things Kenzie did. Oh the joy of having a boy!!

Liam is a lovable, smiley kid, but he has his temper tantrums. He is in the “seperation anxiety” phase right now, and will scream himself blue when I leave the room. Even my return fails to console him. It can be tiring at times, and he’s starting to give the church babysitters grief, too. He’s finally discovering what the nursery means and will cry when he’s left alone. But, smile at him and he will ALWAYS smile back. 🙂 It warms my heart every time.

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