Teeeerrible Twos

Kenzie has given new meaning to the “Terrible Twos”. I really mean it… this week she has pushed my buttons and the limits to the extreme.

Yesterday she dropped my iPhone in the toilet. Thankfully I was present at the scene of the crime and was able to retrieve said phone instantaneously with minimal damage. The phone was put in rice overnight and Kenzie was put on time out. There may or may not have been inappropriate words spoken at the time, but I won’t comment on that. :S

Today, however, was ten times worse. After watching me paint my toenails and carefully place the bottle of polish carefully back into the bathroom cupboard, Kenzie went and grabbed it during the two minutes it took me to go downstairs to change the laundry. When I came upstairs I found green nail polish all over Liam’s face, hair, hands, feet, clothes, and same went for Kenzie, minus the hair.

Ok, nail polish on the kids I can handle. Nothing a little non-acetone nail polish remover and some elbow grease can’t fix, right? But then…. I saw the CARPET! EEEEEEEEEEKKKK! Nail polish EVERYWHERE! She must’ve dumped half the bottle onto the carpet. My heart just about stopped. I googled every antidote I could, and used up my entire bottle of nail polish remover to get it out. I informed Greg ASAP and he picked up more nail polish remover on his way home from work, as well as a rented carpet cleaner from Safeway. The stains are definitely still visible, but I’m hoping to clean it a couple more times tomorrow.


I’m trying so hard to just let these kinds of things go…. my patience is continually tested daily with these incidents and I have to constantly remind myself that this is just a phase and “it too shall pass”. It still doesn’t always help but I’m getting better. Let’s just say my morning prayer usually includes a request for an extra-large dose of patience. 😉

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