Summer happenings

Summer is in full swing and that is precisely why I’ve been a little MIA lately. We’ve been having lazy summer days around here. Even though the weather isn’t always cooperative, it doesn’t stop us from getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors! Here are some iphone pics from the last few weeks (that dang contraption is keeping me from pulling out my SLR!):ImageKenzie and Rayelle share a BFF moment while feeding the ducks at Lafarge Lake on Monday. We spent the day in PoCo visiting our lovely friends and even got to splash around at the water park to cool off.

ImageKenzie showering her l’il bro with affection.

ImageMy hydrangea bush is in full bloom! After facing near death last spring, it has come back with multiple blooms. I can’t wait to take my scissors to it and have fresh blooms in my living room!

ImageLiam went from pulling himself up on things to full-on standing! Yikes. It will only be a matter of time before the little monster is cruising around… then comes standing all by himself, then first, wobbly steps, and then…… I don’t even want to say it. Kenzie was walking on her own at this age, and I thought Liam would be *a lot* slower but I guess not. 😦

ImageLiam enjoying the view of the water park from his stroller. When we’re at home he can be a whiny, needy, little rascal, but when we’re out he is such a content guy! He loves new surroundings, new toys, and new playmates.Image

We were sick of being stuck inside on Wednesday so we ventured out to visit my sis in Aldergrove. These 4 are all so close in age (Owen is 3 weeks older than Kenzie and Claire is 2 weeks older than Liam) and I just love watching them grow up. Miss Claire has a bunch of teeth already and is looking more and more like Tanya every day! Owen is more Al, especially with that mop of blonde hair.



Greg’s brother’s in-laws just purchased a house on a beautiful property in Strawberry Hills with an awesome inground pool. They invited us over on Saturday to take a dip. The kids had a total blast, and so did Greg. 😉ImageAirpline rides on the front lawn.

 ImageMore sibling love.

I’m going to attempt to pull my camera out more for the remainder of the month so hopefully some better quality pics are on the way!

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  1. tanya says:

    Love the pictures!

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