Liam’s room…. COMPLETE!

This room was a bit of a gong show. Well, the room wasn’t a gong show, but the story of how it became Liam’s room is a gong show. It’s a long story, so grab some popcorn, a blanket, and settle in while I take you back….. waaaaaay back…… to 2009.

In the summer of 2009, almost a year after we got married (to the day), Greg and I found out we were expecting our first child. We were ECSTATIC!!! and couldn’t wait to begin preparing the nursery for our little one. Well, to be honest- I was ecstatic. Greg was less than thrilled, as there was a long road ahead of us to transform our guest bedroom into our little one’s future nursery. Like most Canadian Reformed couples expecting their first child, we decided not to find out the sex of the baby, which meant a gender-neutral nursery.

I chose a neutral green/grey paint color (Killarney by Benjamin Moore) and we ripped out the mungy carpet and laid down new laminate flooring. I furnished the nursery quite plainly, and then after Kenzie was born I added a few feminine touches. When we found out we were expecting baby #2 just 9 months after Kenzie was born, I had visions of transforming our office/laundry room into a 3rd bedroom for Kenzie, and keeping the nursery the same for baby.

I “finished” Kenzie’s big-girl room last year, but was less than pleased with the results. I liked most of the things I had chosen, but after it was done I realized I hadn’t made it very feminine for her. My goal was to create an aqua/pink color combination but it ended up being blue/orange instead. Definitely not girly. So when Liam was born I decided I wanted to switch their rooms and put Liam in the “blue” room and Kenzie back into the “green” room. I thought the soft green would look great with creamy, ivory furniture and pink accents, and Liam’s room would need little to no changes to make it boyish!

As you can see from my previous post, Kenzie’s girly room turned out great, and now without further ado, here is Liam’s room completed:


I reeeeally love Liam’s room. I fell in love with the wall color, and I’m naturally drawn to bright, fun, graphic patterns and fabrics. Here is the breakdown of everything we made/bought/received to complete this room:

Crib (purchased used off Craislist): $45
Floating shelf above crib (from Ikea): $7
Glider chair (from Save-On-Furniture auction house in Bellingham, WA; bought this before Kenzie was born): $0
Curtains (fabric from; curtain rod and rings from Ikea): $80
Rug (from $60
Chandelier (from $100
Dresser (from Craigslist): $150
Plastic organizer (from Canadian Tire; already owned):  $0
Mini red leather chair (from Home Sense; this was actually Kenzie’s only present for her 1st birthday, so technically we already had it!) $0
Book display shelves (from Ikea): $30
Mirror (from Home Sense; spray painted blue): $25
Art wall (most frames from Ikea, some from thrift stores and spray painted white. Botanical art cards from Ikea, Wheels On The Bus print from Etsy): $80
Coat rack
(from Ikea):$7

Total cost: $584

Looking back I could’ve definitely done this room cheaper, as I splurged on a few key things like the curtains and the chandelier, but I LOVE them, and would use them again and again in future rooms. I am for sure taking that Pottery Barn chandelier with as it’s a timeless piece that could be used in any room. I think Liam can grow up in this room, and I just love the bright colors and bold graphics. The art wall could’ve also been done cheaper if I had owned the frames beforehand. I did spray paint a few preowned frames but had to buy a lot of them, and with a gallery wall like this one – it adds up!

I’m just happy to be DONE both of the kids’ rooms, and think I’ll take a decorating hiatus until the time comes where we have to add another little rugrat to this growing family. 😉

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