Resolution Check Up

Because today is the halfway mark of 2012, I thought it’d be fun to see how we’re keeping up with our resolutions so far this year.

1. Lose 10 lbs

To date he has lost 10 lbs but gained a few back, and is always fluctuating based on what kind of weekend we had, or how much he’s worked out that week. He is definitely leading a healthier lifestyle!

2. Work out more

Greg runs and/or bikes at least 2-3 times per week. He enjoys doing 5K 30-minute runs after work, and then hopping on the bike for another half hour.

1. Lose inches (not exactly sure how to set a realistic goal in inches?) and a couple pounds

To date I’ve lost approximately 16 lbs and 12 inches. I’ve reached my goal weight, and have maintained it for the last month. I am so excited and happy with the way I look and feel, and love my more active lifestyle. I try allocate a minimum of 30 minutes towards physical activity, whether it’s a Jillian Michaels DVD, biking on our stationary bike, walking to my mom’s pushing 80 lbs. (Kenzie + Liam + stroller = 80 lbs!), or a soccer game on Monday nights. I LOVE being active and next week I hope to conquer the Grouse Grind for the first time!

2. Eat and cook healthier (using to track my caloric intake – I downloaded the app for my iPhone and it’s super convenient!)

I’ve been using MyFitnessPal consistently since January and LOVE IT! I have a few fitness peeps that I follow and we keep each other accountable and encourage each other. I LOVE IT! I am not always very “good” but at least I’m always conscious of what I’m putting in my mouth! I’ve been cooking healthier too, and eating better proportions too. Dinners are the hardest, but I try to ensure my plate consists of 50% veggies, 25% carbs, and 25% protein.

3. Finish off 2011 photo book

This is a work in progress. I took it upon myself to do “1 year” photobooks for each of the kids, and Kenzie’s is complete while Liam’s is up to date at 8 months. My 2011 blog book is about 1/4 complete… I hope to hammer it out in a couple nights sometime in the fall when I don’t feel guilty about being on the computer with such -ahem- beautiful weather. <rolls eyes>

4. Re-vamp recipe binder with a new, cohesive look

Also a work in progress. I have all the recipes typed up and formatted, just need to bring the files on a flash drive to Staples and get them printed!

1. Kick the soother

Done! Kenzie got rid of her soother a couple months before her 2nd birthday, and gave it up with barely a fight! We had a couple rough nights but nothing major.

2. Kick the sleep sack

Done! This one happened around the same time as the soother and was also very easy to eliminate. We got her a big blankie that she loves, and that took care of that.

3. Transition to a big-girl bed

This one just recently happened TODAY! We finally purchased a boxspring/mattress set and got her bed set up. She napped in it this afternoon and didn’t get out once, and she is currently in her bed now throwing a fit, but has yet to come out. We will see how this one goes. :S

4. Get potty-trained

As of this month our little girl is wearing underwear and peeing on the toilet. She still needs her little potty seat, and still has some trouble with getting to the toilet in time for #2, but she has done it on the toilet so we will continue on! She wears underwear at naptimes, but still wears a pullup at night. I’m leaving that one alone for a while. 🙂

5. Continue to be a fun-loving, energetic, crazy toddler

Of course this one changes on a day-to-day basis. Kenzie is -on the whole- a joy to have around, but the terrible twos are definitely making an appearance. She gets bored easily during the day and turns to negetive behaviour to keep herself entertained. It’s trying to say the least.

1. Sleep 12 hours consistently at night (haha! A mom can dream, can’t she?!)

Well, it looks like my dream has come true! Since we got back from Smithers, exactly a month ago, Liam has slept 12 hours without waking up consistently all month. Not ONCE have I had to even get out of bed for him, and he hasn’t had a bottle in the middle of the night either. Kenzie also has slept amazingly this past month, so I have been totally relishing the wonderful nights we’ve been having. Liam is working on another tooth so I sense the uninterrupted nights are going to stop soon, but that’s ok because I know he can DO IT!

2. Transition to milk/sippy cup

This one hasn’t happened yet because obviously it’s not recommended to put him on milk until he’s a year old, but he has gone down to 3 bottles of formula a day. One after breakfast, one after lunch, and one after dinner.

3. Continue to be a wonderful, happy baby

Liam is an awesome baby. He is happy, content, and always smiling and making noise. He is starting to crawl all over and get into things, but he is thoroughly entertained by his big sister and loves to watch us move around the house. He recently fell down the stairs, so the gate has been under lock and key and I think he’s learned his lesson.

All in all I think we’re all doing fairly well with our resolutions! It will be interesting to see how the rest of the year goes. 😉

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