Kenzie’s room…. COMPLETE!

I’ve been stalling and stalling, but the day is finally here for me to reveal to you Kenzie’s and Liam’s “new-to-them” rooms! They’ve been mainly finished for a while, there were just some finishing touches that Greg and I both needed to complete.

The big stalemate in Kenzie’s room was her bed. Her big-girl bed. The bed had been purchased some months back, shortly after Liam was born. We borrowed a crib from friends of ours as we knew Kenzie wouldn’t be ready when Liam was born. But I was very particular in the type of bed I wanted for her, so when it came up on the Facebook kids swap site, I grabbed it ASAP.

Since Kenzie is potty-trained now, we knew night-training would not be far behind. That meant out with the crib, in with the bed. Greg picked up a single mattress/boxspring combo and we Greg set up the bed this afternoon. I was in my absolutely GLORY making the bed, fluffing the pillows, basically making it look pretty…. I just thrive on this.

Anyway, without further ado, here is Kenzie’s room:

And in case you are wondering where anything/everything is from, and/or how much it all cost, and/or how I refinished it all, here is a breakdown:

Bed (antique headboard and metal frame, bought second-hand from the kid swap Facebook site): $75
Mattress/boxspring (from MTF): $228
Duvet (previously owned; I converted a queen-sized, poly-filled duvet -that we had bought for $30 at Walmart for when guests came to stay with us- into a twin-sized duvet by cutting about 12″ off one of the sides, taking the filling out, and sewing it up): FREE!
Duvet cover
(from Ikea): $25
Sheet set
(from Target): $20
Floral pillow
(from Ikea): $7
Area rug (from Home Depot, had already from when we originally re-did the nursery before Kenzie was born): $69
Chandelier (from Design Lighting. When I worked at Design, sometimes fixtures would come defective from the manufacturer, and when we requested a replacement they would let us “field destroy” the defective. We had a list going, and once your name was up you got first dibs on whatever defective fixtures were available. This was one of those! It was “defective” because it was missing some crystals, which I replaced from our stock on hand in our warehouse! I also spray-painted it white, so technically it cost me a can of spray paint from Michaels): $5
Night table (from Value Village, painted with leftover interior paint): $7
(from Salvation Army, spray painted hot pink): $4
Fake plants and pots
(from Ikea): $20
Book Shelf
(owned previously, but from Ikea): $80
(from Value Village, refinished and painted with leftover interior paint): $50
Picture frames
(all from Ikea): $45
“Que Sera Sera” print
(free printable from Pinterest, printed at London Drugs): $12
Hearts print
(inspired from ideas on Pinterest, used leftover scrapbooking paper): FREE!
Curtains and curtain rod
(from Ikea): $30
Pink shelf
(from Value Village, originally unfinished pine; refinished and spray painted pink): $4
(from Value Village): $6
Ribbon mobile
(idea inspired by Martha Stewart, used leftover ribbon and embroidery hoop that I bought for $0.99 from Value Village): $1

Total cost: $638

That sounds like a lot, but considering that is EVERYTHING that was ever purchased, even the things we technically already owned, it’s not bed! 3 major pieces of furniture…. lighting, window treatments… it’s not bad! I DIY’d almost everything, and am quite proud of the way it turned out.

Anything else that you see that isn’t listed in the pricing breakdown was either a gift, or something we previously owned from years ago. My sister Jaclyn made that amazing cross-stitch scene and gave it to us after we had Kenzie. I am sad she wasn’t able to do one for Liam, as they all the weddings and babies were getting to be too much for her. Thankful that we have our wedding text framed and hung in our hallway, though!

Stay tuned for Liam’s room….. 😀

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