PTW update

Day 3 went great, very few complaints from over here! We had a small half accident first thing in the morning – it was like she completely forgot all about the potty! But after letting her sit in her went clothes for a few minutes, Kenzie discovered that it wasn’t all that great; peeing your pants, that is. So she remained in the same underwear all day long! Wahoooo! She even kept her diaper dry for nap time.

Day 4 has been a wild success. The day started the same as the last three, however…. a small accident first thing in the morning. I was slacking a little bit this morning and again it was like Kenzie forgot about the potty. But all day she remained dry, and even did a big #2 in the potty without telling me! She was again dry after naptime, too… but we’ll keep her diaper on for a few more days to make sure. Night time diapers are still quite wet in the morning so I’m ok with keeping her in a diaper at night until she’s been consistently dry.

Now I’m just wondering if I keep up the treats and sticker chart if she’s gotten so used to going on the potty? I’m thinking I’ll keep it going until the end of the week to keep her confidence up, and then try her on the toilet to get her used to that. Eventually we’ll have to leave the house! I haven’t been out since soccer on Monday night and I’m starting to get a bit of cabin fever. 🙂

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1 Response to PTW update

  1. That’s so awesome Lynette!!! Yay for Kenzie.
    When I was potty training Lucas a good test was to have someone over, sometimes the distraction of a friend makes it hard to remember, but at least, it’s an accident at home, and not Walmart 😉

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