I’ve moved!

Hi all!

In an effort to continue blogging from way up here in Smithers, I’ve decided to move to Blogger! And I’ve reached my space limit here at WordPress, so you can find me from now on at:


Hope to see you there!


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We meet again

I’m back!

After a bit of a break from blogging, I have returned to the interweb, armed with a new hard drive and lots of catching up to do. Yes, a few months ago our hard drive crashed and we lost basically everything. A hard lesson learned, and a tough pill to swallow, but we now have a new hard drive as well as an external hard drive, which will be dilligently backed up monthly. I hope. I was able to retrieve many of the important photos we have taken over the years from my blog, and my family and friends. (THANK YOU!)

WordPress has changed a bit since I’ve been gone (uh- hellow code?) so bare with me as I find my way around this. I’ll leave you with a photo update of the last couple months around these parts…. our trip to Mexico over Christmas, a day trip to Granville Island, and our trip to Smithers. Enjoy!


December 2012 256







Smithers 2013 008

Feb 23 031

Feb 23 029

Feb 23 101

Feb 23 047

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1 month and counting!

This month’s photos were a little more challenging as I had a sad, under-the-weather little boy on my hands. He gave me every expression in the book… sad, PO’d, sleepy, dopey… or did he give me every dwarf-ism in the book? Hmmm…


I managed to get a few good ones, and I’ll forever remember Liam’s 11 month photos as one of few days he was sick.

1 month until the big first birthday, eeeeiiiikkkes!

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Camping adventures in Oroville

The adventure that was camping. Where to begin? It was our first time camping for a whole week, not just a long weekend, and it was the first time with two kids 2 and under. It was also our first time in a tent trailer; what an experience. We rented a tent trailer from a work friend of Greg’s. It would’ve been fine, except that we were in Oroville, WA, and it was 30+ degrees during the day (trying to keep the kids cool while napping) and under 10 degrees at night (try keeping the kids warm while sleeping!).

Needless to say we had a fantastic time. The beach and campground were PERFECT for all the little kiddies running around. We were close to everything, bathroom, beach, and a big field behind our campsite for playing in.


The ladies also got to escape for an afternoon to do a winery tour at Nk’mip Winery in Osoyoos. What an awesome experience!!! We got a short tour of the vineyards and winery, sampled 5 types of their wines, and enjoyed a seriously scruptious lunch on the patio overlooking Osoyoos. I would HIGHLY recommend visiting this winery the next time you are in Osoyoos! I don’t have a group photo on my camera, but I’ll be getting one soon and will be posting it as soon as I have it. 🙂

All in all a wonderful camping trip that could not have gone better. The kids behaved awesomely, for the most part, and managed to maintain their sleeping and napping schedules. With the exception of the first night, we didn’t have to get up for them once, which we were thankful for as the whole campground would’ve heard us!!

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The disappointment that was ‘The Armoire’

Aaaand… it’s another furniture revamp post! This summer was full of little projects, although this was my first diasppointment. My sadness wasn’t a result of the finished product…. stay tuned to find out why ‘The Armoire’ ended in a big womp womp woooooomp….

It all began when I was out walking with the kiddos, and I stumbled across this beaut with an even more beautiful sign attached that enticed me…. ‘FREE’! I called my brother, Trevor, who was but 10 minutes away, to help me by picking it up with his truck, and he obliged.

Then the real work began. Because this piece was free, it needed a little more cleanup than my other furniture buys, but I had it ready for sanding in no time. I took off all the doors, as well as the hardware, and gave ‘er a quick sand (I didn’t worry too much about the quality of my sanding job as I’d just be painting right over top anyway). After a couple coats of paint, she was good to go. I also spray-painted all the existing hardware (it would’ve been too expensive to replace all the knobs and hinges) with Rust-o-leum’s Oil-rubbed Bronze. They came out wonderfully, and I hope to use the same color on our door knobs and hinges sometime in the near future.

My little helper.

And the finished product! I bought a tension rod to use for hanging clothes, as my intent was to use this in our mater bedroom due to the fact that our closet is TINY.

Here is where the disappointment comes in…. when the boys were trying to move the armoire into our bedroom, they discovered that our hallway was too narrow, and the armoire was too long to fit into our room. The angle was too sharp, and there was NO way that sucker was going anywhere. So I posted it on Craigslist and currently it is sold pending pick up for $100! Here is the breakdown of my costs:

Armoire: FREE
Paint: $10 (had to buy a quart to finish it off, but mainly used leftover Cloud White paint that we already owned)
Spray paint: $10
Fabric: FREE (purchased prior for a project but never ended up using it for)
Tension rod: $9
Total cost: $29

A profit of $69, not bad for only putting in approx. 5 hours of work!

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Desk transformation

I promised a post about our computer desk transformation, so here it is!



I found this Pier 1 desk on Craigslist for $20. The lady who owned it lived in PoCo, and luckily for us we have friends who live there, so we picked it up one night before heading there for a barbeque. I loved the style of the desk, and had a plan in mind already as to how I was going to refinish it.

The lady owned a cat that used the desk legs as scratching posts, so I was a little worried that it wouldn’t turn out as I hoped….

Mid-transformation… it only took me about 3 hours total, not including all the drying time in between. I started with a good sanding with an orbital sander. I wiped it down after that, and gave the legs two coats of white paint. After that I gave the table top two coats of stain (English Walnut I think was the name of it, it was a Minwax color) and then after the two coats were dry I sealed it with a polyurethane finisher.

I love the end result, and so far the desk has held up awesome and looks great in our office.

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Sunny Sasamat

One of the perks of having friends that live in PoCo is that we get to enjoy places like White Pine Beach (Sasamat Lake), that we wouldn’t normally visit. These are from a sunny Sunday afternoon at Sasamat… we enjoyed a barbeque at D+R’s afterwards. Oh the lazy summer days…. 🙂

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